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Don't Let the Cover Fool You

Great cover, but unfortunately, Deodato's art doesn't grace the interior of the book and Collins' work is far, far below his average (see some of my other posts). Because of the poor attention to the artwork this proved to be a more difficult read than I thought. This issue also proved to be yet another breaking point to show that this was quickly becoming a Donna Troy book. - this, unlike the pencils, is to my liking (being a HUGE Donna fan). Starfire joins the cast as a guest star looking to for transportation away from Earth after some unexplored events in THE NEW TITANS, but ends up trying to aid Donna and her deputies in arresting some nasty super villains. Alas, the heroes are easily conquered and left at the mercy of their enemeies by the last page. There's much more to the tale, the story of Colos deepens, but the whole reason I chose to purchase this was because of Donna and Koriand'r (Starfire). ~ Hype

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