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My Introduction to DARKSTARS

I'll admit, at the release date of this issue in 1994, I didn't know much about DARKSTARS or the characters that starred within. But with an exceptional cover of my favorite New Titan, Donna Troy, by Mike Deodato, I was tempted to buy issue #23. The story takes place with a Ferrin Colos already on trial for crimes he didn't commit (completely) with Donna Troy and John Stewart inducted into the ranks of the Darkstars full knowing that said trial was a complete sham. Colos is kicked out of the force, but both heroes promise to help Colos rgain his rank and good name.

Having not read this book before, I could have been completely confused with the overwhelming numbers of characters that made an appearance. But the story Friendman flowed masterfully, with specifically placed flash backs of the last twenty-two issues to explain how this everything has been leading up to this chapter. Collins art goes from dynamic and strong to totally animated, making it seem slightly out of place for such a serious and dramatic tale. The characterization of popular heroes John Stewart and Donna Troy are dead on and poised to take over as the main characters of DARKSTARS firmly placing this book in the middle of the DC Universe.

~ Hype

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