Darkstars #0

    Darkstars » Darkstars #0 - Wayward Son released by DC Comics on October 1994.

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    The history of the Darkstars is revealed and Ferrin Colos's troubled past is exposed when he visits his homeworld, there to make peace with the family he left behind and the heritage he turned his back on in order to become a Darkstar.

    A Zero Month crossover issue. Darkstars John Stewart, Munchuk, and Threllin escort Ferrin Colos back to his home planet Zamba in the wake of his trial by the corrupt Darkstar Jeddigar. While he is hesitant to return to his home, he feels it is something he must do. He is reunited with his grandfather, a religious man of Zamba. He confesses to his grandfather what he has been doing for the last years since he left Zamba, including telling his grandfather the history of the Darkstars. He also sees his sister, who is happy to see him. While his father understands his desire to be a Darkstar, he cannot condone a life of violence. As Zambii law dictates, he must be exiled and is not welcome to return unless he renounces his career as a Darkstar. Ferrin leaves Zamba again, and is seen off by his crying sister. Ferrin and the Darkstars leave, intent to remove Jeddigar from service.


    • "DC Universe 20" one page Zero Hour advertisement featuring the front page of the Daily Planet with the headline "Zero Hour for Earth?"
    • "DC Universe 21" a one page memorial dedicated to Neal Pozner. Artwork of three headshots of Neal by Phil Jimenez.

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