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    The Third Darkstar to take the name after the second Darkstar perished in battle

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    The Red Guardian informed the Citadel that they lost Darkstar (Sasha Roerich) and that another Darkstar should be deployed for the press conference. The newest Darkstar is named Reena Stancioff and she was given the medallion that originally belong to Laynia Petrovna.


    Reena Stancioff was created by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis and first appeared in Hulk: Winter Guard Issue 1 (2010).

    Major Story Arcs

    Dark Star and the Winter Guard

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    Reena served with the Winter Guard for sometime and admitted that she was afraid that she was not living up to Laynia's memory. She also got strange vibes of the medallion that had originally belonged to Laynia Petrovna, the original Darkstar. Sometimes seeing things that where apparently not really there, such as the present of the first Darkstar. She however assisted the Winter Guard on a few occasions. Once she assisted her team in helping to defeat a number of Dire Wraiths, but was ultimately killed and transformed into one herself. The original Darkstar used this opportunity and the connection she had with her medallion to resurrect herself in Reena's body.


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