Character » Darkoth appears in 35 issues.

    Ex U.S.A.F. Major transformed into a demon.

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    Brief History

    Before becoming into Darkoth, he was first serving in the United States Air Force as Major Desmond Pitt.

    Pitt eventually discovered that Dr. Doom had infiltrated a solar shuttle he was assigned to. He suspected that Dr. Doom himself took an interest, but it was cut short when he made an error on his judgement due to the death of his wife. After that incident, he was caught as a double agent and was kidnapped by Dr. Doom's operatives.

    Dr. Doom punished by changing his appearance into the appearance of a Latverian mountain demon and he was brainwashed after. Dr. Doom made him think that he was really a demon that had been rescued from the netherworld. Darkoth would fight Dr. Doom and the Thing when his powers were enhanced by Diablo. When his memory came back, he became Dr. Doom's foe and the Thing's ally.

    He became a pawn of Mephisto and was killed during his battle with Thor. He ended up at Belasco's realm located on a dimension known as the Otherplace. He would turn Belasco's realm into a realm of peace when he defeated Belasco's servant, S'ym, and took possession of the Soulsword.


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