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    A sorcerer king from another dimension

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    Darklore is a sorcerer from an alternate dimension who has encountered Adam Warlock on multiple occasions. He has wandered dimensions for many centuries and has become tired of his existence. He plans to search the dimensions for a talisman that will help him save a neighboring dimension from an evil dictator and living the rest of his life in peace.


    Darklore was created by Jim Starlin and Tom Raney and first appeared in Warlock Chronicles #1 (1993).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Meeting Warlock and the Inifity Watch

    Darklore and his fairie companion Meer'lyn first came across Warlock while traveling between dimensions, coming across Warlock while he is unconscious. He learns Adam's history when the Soul Gem tells him their situation. The Soul Gem thought that Darklore would be a far better host and easier to control that Warlock and assaulted him. The gem nearly took him, but Warlock came back to his senses and helps to point him in the right direction and they part as allies.

    Darklore appears later to assist Warlock and the Infinity Watch in their battle against Count Abyss. After Count Abyss is defeated, Darklore marries Count Abyss' assistant Maya who Warlock had at one point been mystically enchanted to fall in love with.


    Darklore strongly resembles previous Jim Starlin character Darklon, who he is probably meant to homage.


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