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    Darklon the Mystic - "Power is my life, but damnation is my fate."

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    Darklon, born in the city of Nebulor, capital of the distant world of Nebularia, is the son of Kavar Darkhold, ruler of a thousand planets. Disappointed with his pacifist son, Darkhold "adopts" the violent young Tarus Blacklore. Impatient to seize power, Blacklore imprisons Darkhold. Darklon runs off to study with the dread Nameless One. This black god decapitates Prince Darklon, gouges out an eye and fills his soul with "unclear power."

    Darklon is reborn into a new body identical to the old, except now in his emptied eyesocket rests the Orb of Hell, a "gem" which permits him to draw strength from the "nether regions." The price of being granted such power is having to surrender all he will ever own to the Nameless One.

    Able to blast people and objects to smithereens and instantly teleport himself, Darklon destroys Blacklore and, when Darkhold turns on him out of political necessity, he slays his father as well. He subsequently creates a Mysticl Energy Sphere and soars into space, obliterating the planet rather than accepting the crown and turning it over to the Nameless One.

    In other adventures, Darklon roams other worlds, and at one point teams up with Demian Hunter.

    When Jim Starlin was writing and editing the adventures, there was a sense of breadth and tragedy. Without him, the strip proved ordinary of this type.


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