Darkhold Redeemers

    Team » Darkhold Redeemers appears in 35 issues.

    When the Darkhold, the ultimate book of evil spells, unleashes its monstrous magic, the Darkhold Redeemers get into action to stop the evil.

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    Vicki Montesi has visions that lead her to the Darkhold pages everytime that they are used. It was started when the Darkhold Dwarf started giving pages of the Darkhold: The Book of Sins to people who demanded certin things. This would lead to Victoria Montesi, daughter of the Montesi blood line which is dedicated to stopping the Darkhold. But Vicki never believed in her family duities and never got along with her father. Instead she went to medical school and started a relationship with her girl friend Nash.

    One day the Darkholders ( a group dedicated to the Darkhold and the God Chthon) put a bomb in Vicki's apartment. Nash was paralyzed but Vicki survived. After that she started getting images of the Darkhold pages getting used, and was placed under the protection of Interpol agent Sam Buchanan. Soon they later seek companionship his occult archeologist Louis Hastings, an old friend of the Montesi family. After fighting the Darkholder's assassins and Lilith and the Lilin with Blaze and Ghost Rider (soon to join them as the Midnight Sons

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Darkhold Redeemers

    The Darkhold Redeemers decided to make sure that no other Darkhold pages would be sent out. Soon the Darkhold Redeemers would be joined by the devious Modred the Mystic. During one mission, the Darkhold Redeemers would team up with the mutant Sabretooth (Who Sam has a past with) to fight against the Nagari from destroying a small town.

    They would later go to Hawaii where they came in contact with Dr. Strange and Mordred. They would later team up to stop a Darkhold spell. Mordred was forced to spend his life on Maui until he met defeat, and during a tragic accident on a plane back home, Louise would look after her grandson Jinx (who has magic ability of unknown power) who's mother was killed on a plane by a Darkhold spell. Sam would be tricked into capturing Vicki and Louise taking them to the Darkholders. However he saw the errors of his ways and him and Jinx saved the two.

    Midnight Massacre

    Mordred fought Switchblade in a mass battle but would be mortally wounded, and Vicki was stabbed to death by Switchblade. Later Louise Hastings would reverse the spell using another spell from the Darkhold, and Blade was back to his normal self and Vicki and Modred were alive again. However, it is thought that this act cost Louise her soul.

    Soon the Darkhold Redeemers would fall apart due to Modred's sleazy nature, the death of Louise Hastings at the hands of Morbius (possessed by the Lilin Bloodthirst), the failure to retrieve Blood member Truth Seer, and Vicki would find out that she was pregant with Chthon.


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