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The final fate of Louise Hastings at the hands of…Morbius?! Ghost Rider guest stars!

The story opens with Speakeasy losing his mind due to many voices of the dead since the Siege of Darkness started.

Meanwhile the other half of the Midnight Sons consisting of Blade, Morbius, Drake, Hastings, Jinx, and Modred fight a swarm of Lilin on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Drake and Hastings hold off the Lilin while Blade gets into a confrontation with Modred. Jinx almost gets attacked by Spitfire but is killed by Modred. Louis also wounds Bad Timing and is killed by Drake. Moments later Morbius kills one of the Lilin and reunites with the group. He found a way threw the mist. They later end up at an old lab. Modred give Jinx a magic lesson with two simple spells which don't amaze Jinx. Modred tells him magic should be treaten with respect and that he should trust nobody.

Back at Doctor Strange's mansion Vicki is sick and is vomiting in the toilet for an unknown reason. The other then try to figure out who the traitor is.

Louis hen investigates the lab which they are hiding at only to find an imprint of Ghost Riders chain and notes by Micheal Morbius. All of a sudden Morbius attacks Louise. At the same tim Meatmarket attacks Blade from inside the house. Drake tries to get Louis only to find her dead. At this point he think Modred killed her.

Meanwhile Blade has slain MEatmarket but got wounded himself. Modred and Jinx run only to be ambushed by Lilith, Zarathos and the Lilin. The Two use magic to drive away the Lilin but then Frank spots the two and makes a threat to Modred for killing Louise. Jinx then attacks Modred and both knock eachother out with magic. Drake then tries to hold his own defence against the Lilin only to be stopped by Morbius.


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