Darkhawk Amulet

    Object » Darkhawk Amulet appears in 118 issues.

    An otherworldly relic also known as the Raptor Amulet that belonged to the Shi'ar operatives of the Fraternity of Raptors. Powerful Items used to transform into Darkhawk Androids.

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    A rare magitek amulet begotten from the Tree of Shadows which were then tailored to recognize Shi'ar genetics and command protocol. The Raptor Amulet acts as the conscious manifest of advanced A.I. belonging to a race of xenoform drone's which've spent billions of years growing and evolving as the galaxies most dangerous artificial killer.

    Through an amulet of which a user can transfer their own mind, will and personality into. While at the same time; switch their physical bodies with that of the robotic one's place within Null Space via matter substutional transference.

    While escaping from crimelord Phillipe Bazin teenager Christopher Powell discovered one such amulet and used it to appropriate his own Raptor Android body. To become the terrestrial superhero known as Darkhawk. He found it in an old abandoned amusement park while trying to find a weapon he could use to stave off his pursuers in order to help his friends. With the amulet he could pilot the shadowy avian android, learning to control the powers provided him by the automated body.

    The Amulets are parasitic in nature, latching onto a host while the intelligence within commandeere's the body swap between one another.


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