Darkhawk #16

    Darkhawk » Darkhawk #16 - Brave New World released by Marvel on June 1, 1992.

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    Jason gets out of the hospital. Headset gets out of the hospital. It's Mike Powell and Philippe Bazin’s funerals. 

    Chris loses his cool at school when friends try to have him open up and share with them. Leaves school to become Darkhawk and stops a mugging to release his anger.

    Goes to abandoned amusement park looking for Saint Johnny or the mysterious man who was previously Darkhawk—no sign of either.

    Headset suggests that Chris apply for the internship at RCK Radio. Chris wants to have a better shot at hearing about news fast so that he can help as Darkhawk better. He gets the job.

    Peristrike Force is on the move towards Queens on a mission to capture a specialist in superhumans, Professor Vonya, who is speaking at Chris’s high school. 

    Chris is playing basketball with friends and amulet hits one in the eye. Couch makes him remove it. Chris puts it in his locker for the time being. The Peristrike Force and agents set up for the assault and kidnapping mission on the school. Mrs Bauer stops Chris at the locker to remind him he’s got to cover the afternoon lecture for the high school station; Chris agrees but makes his way to the ball court first.

    The Peristrike Force and agents move in and capture the Russian professor, Anatoly Vonya. Chris discovers the commotion and wants to help but doesn’t have the amulet. He uses his karate to subdue one of the guards on his way to his locker. He frantically tries to open his locker but can’t out of nerves. He gets captured by another guard at gun point who asks for him to open the locker and give him whatever he’s frantically trying to get.


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