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    The Darkforce is a fictional concept in the Marvel universe. It is a source of energy for a number of super powered characters, derived from an alternate dimension known as The Darkforce Dimension.

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    Darkforce is an energy unique to the Marvel Multiverse. It constitutes the Darkforce Dimension and has the ability to assume the properties of both matter and energy depending on the needs of the user. It has been stated that Darkforce is a sentient property, often possessing or corrupting those who use it. Several characters in the Marvel universe have shown some ability to manipulate Darkforce, often with dramatically different results:

    Use for Teleportation

    Characters, such as the mutants Cloak and Vanisher, are believed to make use of the Darkforce dimension to permit them to teleport distances. Characters enter the Darkforce Dimension, either through portals or direct teleportation, then vacate the Darkforce Dimension into some other (or in some instances, the same) location in the world.

    General Manipulation

    • The character Darkstar, perhaps the strongest wielder of the energy, possesses the ability to directly manipulate Darkforce, allowing her to create solid objects, fly, and teleport. She has also been able to disable Vanisher's control over the Darkforce Dimension, closing a portal around his body when he once tried to escape her - cutting him in half.
      Cloak can open a portal into the Darkforce Dimension. He also has the ability to teleport himself and others wrapped in his cloak, and to instill fear into those he envelops. He has often felt that the dimension wishes to corrupt him.
    • On the other hand, Black Mamba uses Darkforce to create illusions which distract her opponents, often tapping into their greatest desire.
    • Blackheart appears to live within the Darkforce Dimension, and as such has complete control over the energy.
      Other characters who can manipulate Darkforce include: Asylum, Blackout (Daniels), Quagmire, Doorman, Ecstasy, Nightside, Sepulchre, Shroud, Silhouette, Smuggler, Spot, Nightwind, Night and Mister Negative.
    • Darkstar II and III were able to manipulate the Darkforce in a way similar to the original; this was achieved through DNA grafts given to them by the Russian Government. Despite these grafts, Darkstar II was still unable to completely control the energy, which led to her death.
      It is sometimes thought that Nightcrawler uses the Darkforce Dimension to teleport, but recent developments have shown that he instead uses The Brimstone Dimension.
    • The Wolverine foe Romulus was trapped within the Darkforce Dimension, left there by Wolverine and Cloak after a final confrontation between Logan and his son Daken. He was soon freed by Sabretooth whom had soon turned up alive by wagering the life of Cloak's counterpart Dagger.

    The Darkforce was introduced to the Marvel CInematic Universe along with Blackout in the first season of Agents of SHIELD. It will be more fully explored in season 2 of Agent Carter where it is called Zero Matter.


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