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    Ryand'r, is a warrior from the planet, Tameran, and is the younger brother, of Blackfire and Starfire. A member of the Omega Men and Royal Family. His powers have intensified currently thus bringing him to his knew code name Darkfire.

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    Growing up on Tamaran during the Citadel war as the youngest member of the royal family, and with two of the fiercest warriors in the Vega System as elder sisters, Ryand'r did not try to excel as either a fighter or politician.

    While studying to be a warrior on Okaara, Ryand'r's skill at communications science became the deciding factor in Primus choosing him to be a new recruit for the Omega Men.

    While on his first mission, Ryand'r was captured and operated on by the Psions. This operation enabled him to concentrate great amounts of energy in his hands - but rather than shooting energy outwards, Ryand'r's hands became white hot. He also possesses the Tamaranian ability to absorb energy directly from sunlight and turn it into flight power.

    Ryand'r was called back to Tamaran to witness the marriage of his sister Koriand'r and he joined his family in opposing his sister Komand'r in her attempts to usurp the throne.

    Powers and Abilities

    Darkfire is able to concentrate intense energy in his hands. He is also able to fly.


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