Darker Than Black » 2 issues

    Volume » Published by Panini Comics. Started in 2008.

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    Published by the German wing of Panini Comics.

    Plot: Darker than Black follows Hei, a Contractor who works for an organization known as "The Syndicate" as he tries to unlock the secrets of the Heaven's and Hell's Gates and his sisters disappearance.


    Ten years prior to the events of Darker than Black, an unexplainable event occurred. This event gave birth to two mysterious territories that resided in South America and Japan. They were named the "Heaven's" and "Hell's Gates". These areas are so toxic that no ordinary life form could survive in them. Because of this, walls were erected around them in order to keep people from getting in and the dangers of the gate from getting out. The landscape wasn't the only thing that was affected. Following the event, the stars had disappeared and instead, were replaced by false ones. At this time, people known as Contractors began appearing. These Contractors are people with unique abilities. Added in with their cold nature and rational thinking, Contractors were often used as spies, or special units for governments and organizations, but were kept secret from the general public. Each false star in the sky correlates with each and every Contractor.

    Five years after the event, the Heaven's Gate suddenly vanished. The reason for this remains unknown, however, some speculate that although it's physically gone, the Heaven's Gate still exists.


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