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I am a huge X-Man fan. You have no idea. So just like with "Spiderman: return of the Spot", the anti-Marvel voice in my head just STFU when i saw this sucker on the shelf. 
 OK, so X-man is trying to make his way back into the world, and when Norman finds out, he decides Nate doesnt fit the requirements to play on the Dark Avengers team. So he has to be taken care of.  
 Not gonna tell you the rest, but this issue focuses allot on Nate's power levels.  
Idk whats ins store for Nate, but i'll be tuning in to find out. All i know is i'm so happy it looks like Marvel isnt goint to ruin My X-Man the way i thought they where. Much like myself, when Nate Grey finds out about all the crap thats been going on in the Marvel U, he will not be ok with it.  
 very strangely for a Marvel comic, this one is mostly talk and nearly no action. But Dark Beast is as morbid as ever, and this issue sets up for quite a show. 
 4 stars. Long live the X-MAN!

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