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X-MAN, A.K.A. NATE GRAY IS BACK! Sadly, the X-Men that he first encounters are Norman Osborn’s X-Men and they don’t like the idea of an Omega-level mutant that won’t tow the company line. Do they have a chance of defeating X-Man? And if they don’t, what does that mean to Osborn’s agenda?

Dark Beast and Mystique (disguised as Jean Grey) face a newly corporeal Nate Grey in a Burton, California hospital. Nate viciously attacks Beast while Mystique-as-Jean reasons with him. As his rage subsides his physical form dissipates back to energy, and then to nothing.

Back at HAMMER headquarters, Norman briefs the team on Nate's history, and tasks them with captures “our first omega level threat.” Mimic and Beast realize they'll need more psychic power to track down Grey, so they turn to HAMMER's psi-division for help. There, Dr. Jarl has assembled a massive psychic brain by lashing together the bodies of dozens of low-grade psychics.

On the astral plane, Nate's consciousness begins to resolve from the millions of minds he scattered it into. When the HAMMER psychics try to locate him he traces their powers back to the source and drains them all to create a new body.

Dark Beast dissects one of the psychics and plays back Nate's reformation from her brain. The team sees that Nate not only created a body, but caught up on all that transpired since he left – including the Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Osborn's usurpation of SHIELD!

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