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Dark Wolverine #87

This issue deals with the aftermath of the drawn out story arc involving that went on through this title and Wolverine Origins.   Way has used this book very well not only to further Daken’s character, but to also utilize Daken to provide a macabre view on humanity and ethics as a whole.   This issue in particular could be used as an example in most any ethics or philosophy class as an examination into human nature.

We find Daken has fled to in order to lick his wounds and figure out where he stands in the world after having the only means of killing his father ripped away from him.   I do wonder if the scars and the loss of the bottom claws are permanent because they were done with the Masamura blade.   With as fast as Wolverine and his clones (read that to include most of the wolverine characters, ie Wild Child, Sabertooth, X-23, etc) have been shown to heal, the presence of the scars indicates this may be a possibility.

Daken encounters an Italian con man and plays along with the con for his own entertainment.   I think he just wanted to see how far it would be taken.   The gripping part of this story though is the manner in which Way uses Daken’s internal monologue to analyze the human condition.

This was a great book and I’m glad that Daken is developing into something more than Wolverine-Lite.   I just hope he gets his own title.

3.5 out of 5 Kantian Principles


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