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    A darker version of Darkwing from an alternate future timeline

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     Dark Warrior Duck is a darker version of Darkwing from an alternate future timeline. This Darkwing was created when Gosalyn was accidentally catapulted through time into the future. Darkwing became depressed, but ultimately rediscovered his superhero side after saving a girl who reminded him of Gosalyn from a thief. He took on a more vicious methodology as Dark Warrior Duck, developed even more lethal weaponry and a new costume which included spiked body armour and dark red glowing eyes. 

    Dark Warrior's mind was almost at the brink of insanity, though this actually, strangely, helped as he was more straightforward in his fighting style than Darkwing, as evidenced when he subdued Quackerjack and Megavolt within moments using a simple garden/fire hose. Something Darkwing might not have used at first because it wasn't "dramatic" enough.

    However, Dark Warrior tended to rely more heavily on his weapons, which included a tank, multiple flying robots (which look similar in technology to Quackwerks crimebots, though with the Darkwing touch), and a version of his Gas Gun with a number of internal attachments including a miniature missile launcher.


    He first appeared on the episode "Time and Punishment" on the tv show Darkwing Duck. 

    His first comic appearence was on the cover of Darkwing Duck #5 cover A in 2010. He fully appeared in the following issue.
    His dialog was written by Ian Brill and illustrated by James Silvani.

    Major Arcs

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings
     He, along with the other Darkwings of the Multiverse,  terrorized St. Canard. Unlike his fellow versions of darkwing duck, he revealed, he didn't have to be hypnotized by Magica De Spell to be taken from his home universe by Negaduck to "Clean up the city". He is next seen attacking Tuskernini and Moliarty. He was ultimately defeated by Quiverwing Quack, whom he tells to help Darkwing Prime before "he looses her" (which refers to the recent disappearance of Morgana).
    Most likely, following the defeat of Negaduck, that he returned with the rest of the alternate darkwings, but one can never be too careful with a darkwing.
    Mayoral Arc
    When Darkwing is planning on what he would do if he became mayor as he was running for the position, he began to sound exactly like Dark Warrior Duck until
    Oh, no! not that again!
    Oh, no! not that again!
    Gosalyn slapped it out of him.

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