Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #2

    Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born » Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #2 - Part Two released by Marvel on March 7, 2007.

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    Steven Deschain speaks with Roland. He tells him that he is a fool to play into the plans set forth by Marten and John Farson. Roland tells his father how he found out about the affair between Marten and his mother. Steven has known for two years. He tells Roland that he cannot return to Gilead. It is not safe. He tells him his plan for Roland.

    Meanwhile Marten Broadcloak informs the Crimson King that Roland has not been exiled or killed. The Crimson King tells Marten that he must end Roland's life before he can fulfill what has been foretold about him end them. Then three guardsman enter Marten's room to arrest him for being a traitor. Marten replies with turning them all into dogs. Knowing that his time in Gilead is over, he draws a door on the wall and departs Gilead.

    Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain prepare to leave Gilead themselves. They are given new names and are told to hide their guns. As they venture out to the next town, Hambry, they are to determine if the folk are following Farson's rule. Roland is to seek out Pat Delgado, a drover for the Barony of Mejis. He is also to keep an eye out for one of Maerlyn's spheres and is not to use it if found. Roland says goodbye to his father and that he will never forget his face yet will strive to forget his mother's.

    In Hambry, the Coffin Hunters have deputized themselves. They are to give the pink sphere they recieved from Farson to Rhea, a witch that lives outside of town. She is to keep it until the "Good Man" comes to claim it again.

    When Roland and his ka-tet of Cuthbert and Alain arrive, they gather information from a man that turns out to have been a former apprentice gunslinger. He tells them that Pat Delgado has been killed allegedly by the newly apointed deptuties.

    Eldred Jonas, the leader of the Coffin Hunters, meets with Rhea and gives her the pink sphere. Just barely after he leaves, Susan Delgado arrives at the wish of Mayor Thorin. Thorin's wife has come barren and he wishes for a son. Rhea is to inspect Susan to make sure she is still "intact." Out of spite, Rhea tells Susan to tell Thorin that he cannot have her until the moon rises full in three months. Then Rhea hypotizes Susan to do something as soon as Thorin takes her virginity.

    When Rhea is done, Susan runs out of Rhea's house. She is upset and ashamed as to what she has become. The town folk call her Thorn's concubine. She has no choice but to do this in order to obtain protection and money for her family land. As she cries out to her departed father, she wishes for a way for him to protect her or to find a way to protect her. As she looks up, she sees Roland in the shadows on top of his horse.



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    Can't get enough 0

    I've never read anything in The Dark Tower series of books so far, so I'm reviewing this purely on a comic book stand point. I truly have no idea if it does the books justice or not. I can honestly say however so far I'm blown away. I almost passed on this mini-series all together thinking it was just a gimmick and not much effort would be put into it because it was going to sell no matter what because Stephen King's name is on it.So far I'm totally engrossed in the story of the young gunslinger...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Not an Easy Read,But A Satisfying One 0

     Starting right where the first issue left off, we see Rowland having a conversation with his Father.  By the end of which Rowland has a purpose and a mission to his life. So he sets out with his friends to gather information and horses for the Affiliation.    This book was a little bit like a big car accident, off putting, but intriguing all the same. There are some very creepy scenes in this issue. It most definitely is designed for us to meet and loathe the bad guys. On that front, I have to ...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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