Dark Specter

    Character » Dark Specter appears in 15 issues.

    The Dark Specter is an extradimensional entity that embodies entropy and death, and wishes to destroy the Morphin Grid. It is the leader of the United Alliance of Evil and seeks a worthy vessel to inhabit.

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    Major Story Arcs

    First Contact

    Very little is known about Dark Specter's origins, only that he is an extradimensional being who exists outside the Power Rangers multiverse, unable to enter as the Morphin Grid acts as a barrier between him and reality. He first appeared in the Distant Past, when the Morphinaut entered the Grid through a prototype Master Arch and he attempted to enter as well, but ultimately could not due to the Morphinaut's self-sacrifice, leading him to corrupt an abandoned Chendil and make him his General.

    The Invasion

    584 years later, Dark Specter would begin invading the Morphin Masters' civilization through an army of Spectoids, infected individuals led by Chendil as The General, targeting their homeworld of Safehaven and their colonies on Grid-sensitive planets. Presumably, the first target was Masterforge Halloch and its respective Master Arch before moving onto Masterforge Namize and its Master Arch, which was shut down before the Spectoids could get close.


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