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In the manga the kingdom of Meta-Ricana is attacked by the four lords of Havoc. Dark Schnieder is the former leader of the riders of Havoc who became sealed away. The high priest unleashes Dark Schnieder from the enchantment of being sealed within the body of Luche Renren, a 14 year old boy. In the series Dark Schneider faces off against the Goddess of Destruction. (In the manga the deity of destruction is female while in the anime it is male.)

Anime Story line

Dark Schneider (Also known as Darsh or Darshu) is a powerful wizard with what seems to be limitless power. In the beginning he had an army which was led by the “Riders of Havoc”; Thunder Empress Arshes Nei, Abigail, Ninja Master Gara, and Kall-Su. Dark Schneider was defeated by Lars Ul, Prince of Meta-Ricana, before he could complete his conquest of the World and take all the women for himself. To escape death Dark Schneider casted one last spell which placed himself into the form of a young boy named Luche Renren. A priest of Meta-Ricana placed a seal on the boy to prevent Dark Schneider’s return.

To save the world and Meta-Ricana the high Priest orders the dark sorcerer to be released to stop the God of Destruction, Anthrasax. Yoko, the high Priest’s daughter has to do what she must to break the seal. Once Dark Schneider returns he is asked to help Meta-Ricana and in his arrogance he challenges the great Priest for revenge of sealing him away in the first place. The fight was interrupted by a second rate sorcerer. After the second rate sorcerer is defeated Dark Schnieder turns his attention toward Yoko who he claims he loves because Luche loves her.

After his great entrance, Dark Schneider goes through many battles to face off against a clone of Anthrasax. The rest you will have to view the anime to know the whole story.


Magic in the series is used by various people, seemingly anyone can invoke it. Magic appears to have been more common formerly, as spells of the "High Ancient]s" are often spoken of. Magic is invariably called forth by speaking a spell, which may or may not be actual words of an ancient language. Magic may also be embedded in objects, such as the Sword of Efreet, or by calling upon what appear to be deities. Most characters have spells unique to themselves.

Dark Schneider's signature spell is Venom which only he knows. It summons an enzyme from the gates of Hell that causes the person it is cast upon to liquefy. It goes thus, in the English version:

"Burning in the depths of the pits of darkness,

let the fires of hell take you!

Let the fires become my sword

and strike you down! Venom!"

The most powerful spell in the Bastard!! Manga is Helloween (in the English translation, Harrowing), which is the "forbidden spell of utter and unknown destruction from the ancient days". Helloween may only be cast when the moon is right.

The most powerful spell to date in the manga is Black Sabbath. Dark Schneider only uses it once, and does not use it again due to Yoko's threats. In addition to being the most dangerous spell, it's the only spell that Dark Schneider actually describes the physics behind. To put it briefly it creates a pocket universe, a black hole, and a 1,000,000 degree furnace all at once.

Here some other spells Dark Schneider use:

  • Anselm: This spell uses combined Wind and Fire, Some magical arrows are created in the user's hands (the number of arrow depend on the user's power) Arrow can be used against one single target or a group of target. It is possible to make the arrows dodge obstacles.
  • Sodom: This is a spell that uses Dark energy, Short range; multiple blades cut the target to pieces. The dark energy concentrate when the user raise the hand, and when he drop it, the air vibrate and those vibration are transform into blade that cut the target in slices.
  • Damned: This is a Fire Spell, Medium Range; grow some magical energy in front of the user that act like a bomb. Explosions start from the hand of the user and expend in the given direction.
  • Val Volt: This is a Wind Spell, Short to Medium range, Create a magnetic field in the magical sphere of the user; this magnetic field changes the magnetic density of the atmosphere and destroys the target with a strong electrical energy coming from the sky.
  • Venom: This is a Spell that uses Dark energy, Short Range, Magical enzyme coming directly from the hell's gates that melt to dust the target touched by it.
  • Exodus: This is a Spell combining Dark, Wind, and Fire magic, Range Medium, Flames engulf user body which become hard as stone, and the user is thrown against the target melting everything on is way.
  • Voy Vot: This spell uses Dark magic, Range Short to Medium, Gives death by boiling the blood of the target. An Electrical field is created around the user, and strong lightning energy strikes the target making his blood cells move so fast that his internal temperature raise to the death.
  • Intelipeli: This spell uses Fire magic, short range, Creates and throws multiple small magical bombs (Approximately 10). Each of these bombs liberates a small blast of energy.
  • Guilbert: Summon, Wind Elemental, Summons some small Wind Elemental that are really fast and can strike with some strong electrical charge.
  • Skead Low: Fire, Short Range, Does a luminous shock wave around the user, the closer the target highest the damage.
  • Da Fola: Summon, Fire Elemental, Summon some small Fire Elemental, that use spears and emit some hot ray as weapon.
  • Ultimate Cold: Water combined with Wind, The user makes a blizzard extremely cold throwing wave of cold to the target, and everything freezes in the range of the spell.
  • Venjend: This spell uses Wind magic, Range Short to Medium. Throws a plasma ball from the hand of the user to the target, this plasma ball makes a hole in the target and explodes.
  • Dee'n Tear: Wind spell, short to Medium Range a huge tornado throwing wind blades in all directions, hard to dodge.
  • Golem: Summon, Divinity spell, Summons up a Golem that obeys his creator.

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