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    Dark Schneider is the central character of the Bastard!! manga. He is a 400 year old wizard who, 15 years prior to the start of the series, was bent on world domination before being defeated by Prince Lars-Ul. He reincarnated himself into Lucien Renren and could only be released from boy's body by a virgin's kiss.

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    As Lucien Renren, DS appears as a 14 year old boy with short, soft black hair and big, dark eyes. After transcending into Lucifer, Lucien gains twelve brilliant angel wings and goes completely nude. He maintains his facial features and physical stature, but gains a vibrant aura around his body.

    Base Dark Schneider usually wears combat armor over olden clothes. He is tall and lean, with long, flowing white hair and stark blue eyes. He has thick black eyebrows and noticeable vampire teeth. Dark Schneider is widely regarded as very handsome and attractive by all the women in the series, and he frequently mentions his own looks in that way as well. Darsh is also known for randomly going nude and has no problem appearing in public without clothes.

    As Majin Dark Schneider, Darsh's body undergoes a drastic transformation. His appearance becomes that of a grotesque and satanic demon with numerous spiky protrusions along his limbs and appendages. He grows a long spiky tail and large wings, and the new layer of his skin is a dark rust color. An additional tattoo of "666" appears on his chest and his entire torso is replaced with a mouth, complete with multiple rows of viciously sharp teeth. Darsh also grows large claws and talons with something that resembles horns along the sides of his head. He shows markings and tattoos on his face as well.

    When Darsh summons Dragon Knight Lucifer, his body becomes plugged into and fuses with wires and technological contraptions. The DKL armor itself is a massive, metallic, dark colored three-headed Dragon.

    D.S. has another body transformation in Adam of Darkness form. He dispenses of the monstrous, jagged spikes that appeared all across his body in Majin form, as well as the tech he fused with as the DKL host in favor of regular flesh. He is again completely naked but retains his wings, though they are larger, darker, and more feathery.


    Darsh is a narcissist in every manner of the word. He is also extremely selfish, egotistic, unpredictable and savage. He constantly boasts about not just his looks, but also his capabilities. He is also a womanizer and has had many female partners. Dark Schneider has little in the way of redeeming qualities since his moral compass is skewered, but he loves combat and fighting in general and also has unparalleled determination. However when he gets into a fight, he becomes extremely unpredictable. We see this hold true when Darsh fought Konron. After already defeating him and decapitating him, Konron pleading for his life but Darsh ate crunched his head with his abdomen mouth. His irrational behavior also extended to his battle with Uriel, when Darsh resurrected Uriel's sister Amreal after their fight.

    When in combat, Darsh likes to completely and utterly destroy his opponents. He is prone to showing no mercy and has, on more than one occasion, literally tortured his opponents. However DS has a weak spot for women. He will usually not kill them, and if it's a woman he loves, he would even sacrifice himself to not hurt them. Such was the case in his battle with Arshes Nei when D.S. literally ripped his own heart out to stop the fight.

    Darsh also loves sex, and his lust for women is so strong that he would do lewd actions even while fighting women. He ripped off Porno Diane's panties while fighting her and devised a special technique just to make her orgasm. His battle with Sean Ari also ended with him taking her virginity.

    Despite all of his quirky qualities though, D.S. hold great value in his closest friends and would go to great lengths to protect them. But he is far from honorable and is in honesty regarded as a scoundrel by even Hagiwara.


    Very little is known about Dark Schneider's background and origins outside of a rough outline of events. Hey may have been the Dragon Knight who defeated Anthrasax 400 years prior to the story, when the world was as technology advanced as it was in our modern age. At some point in time this power was lost to him by the Elders.

    Powers and Abilities

    Dark Schneider is an obscenely powerful character. Even in the beginning of the series when he was still a mage, he had an expansive laundry list of spells that could achieve a variety of effects. Through these spells and other techniques he's demonstrated superhuman strength, (easily surpassing hundreds of tons) superhuman attack speed, flight speed, and reflexes; superhuman physical durability, stamina, and endurance; indomitable pain tolerance (he withstood the effects of Judas Pain, which makes the user feel unlimited spiritual, physical, mental pain and torment); heightened senses and spiritual awareness; regeneration, telepathy, energy manipulation, illusion manipulation, soul manipulation, matter manipulation, pyrokinesis (fire manipulation), lightning manipulation, acid manipulation, air/wind manipulation, sealing, summoning, petrification, transmutation, poison manipulation, dimensional manipulation (travelling or BFR), forcefield generation, power negation, attack reflection, immortality, and finally reality warping.

    Schneider's most notorious attribute is his inability to be put down. This is thanks largely in part to his hax resistances, raw durability, and transcendental levels of regeneration and immortality. He can or has resisted telepathic and soul attacks of nearly every kind, moved within moments of stopped time, resurrected himself from the dead on multiple occasions, tanked purportedly infinite heat, no-sold absolute zero, ignored atomic destruction, and can regenerate from complete existence erasure, which is the highest level of offensive destruction across any fictional setting. Offensively, by the end of the series ascended to a new dimension of power where he could use reality warping to recreate deceased spiritual beings, and was implicitly in the same tier of power as Bastard!!'s God and Satan, the former who created the universe and the latter who was imminent on destroying it. His clearer showcases of power pre-Hell arc landed him in the mid-tier ranges of character placing, albeit with uncommon versatility. By the time he collected six fragments of the Judas Pain, he was capable of stomping Augoeides Konron, a being who could move at light speed and destroy stars, and in weaker forms was capable of ignoring supernova energies from Archangels.

    Majin Dark Schneider showcased the full scope of his power against Uriel, and was stated to be capable of destroying a galaxy.


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