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Dark Rider I (Russian)

The first Dark Rider fought Dick Grayson during his time as Batman. The first Dark rider was characterized as "A big boisterous Cossack guy." He was killed by Stanley Baumgaten during single combat and Stanley took his name as a prize.

Dark Rider II (Stanley Baumgaten)

Stanley suffers from what his doctors can only call an "Undiagnosed Sleep Disorder". He has spent most of his adult life in and out of every free clinic and research facility that would except him. It is possible he is possess because at night fall, the cashier at Goldberg's Italian Deli,changes into the Dark Rider, assassin for hire.

Major Story Arcs

Batman: Protical

The appearance of the first Dark Rider

Robin: To kill a Bird

The Dark Rider blinds side Robin while he is tracking Rising Sun Archer, and the pair do combat above the streets of Bludhaven. Robin able to defeat the Dark Rider by removing his Lance and his horse, but when the sun comes up the Dark Rider reverts to Stanley. Before he reverts Robin learns that the Stanley has killed his predassor and has been hire to kill Robin.

Ten Day Later, Stanley is released from jail and Robin takes him down again. Robin leaves the Dark Rider for the Bludhaven Police before heading off to get some rest for school the next morning.


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