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Dark Reign The List: Punisher-Pieces of You

Rick Remender brought the Punisher back into the Marvel Universe but after 10 issues, he had run into a wall. The Punisher doesn't have much use as a monthly character if he can't kill anyone significant. After 10 issues of Frank tangling with the Hood, Norman Osborn decided to put Frank on his shit list. After an issue of running from Norman and pissing him off, Frank runs into someone he can't dodge: Daken.
In this one issue, the status quo of Frank Castle was forever changed in a way that reminds me a lot of zombie Punisher under the Marvel Knights brand. There's no turning back from this point but then again we've heard this one before. It's a bold move but one that is going to tire out sooner than later. In fact, this development reeks of desperate gimmick than anything innovative. 
The controversy over this issue might make old school Punisher fans run back to the MAX series but it might also make fans of the younger generation of Punisher fans. I just can't believe after 10 issues that they ran out of ways to use the Punisher. Let's not forget the Punisher is a villain. Remender had a chance to use him as a villain like never before. He doesn't and I am profoundly confused as to why. 
John Romita JR really brings his Kick Ass line work to this issue. He delivers very, very bloody action like no other. That alone is worth recommending.
Rating: Buy it.

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