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We always knew Barton had anger issues...

Clint Barton is fed up with Norman Osborn...So what does he do about it? Just like any logical man, he gears up and heads over to Avengers Tower, in an attempt to KILL all of the Dark Avengers and of course, Tommy Lee Jones...er...Norman Osborn. Well, if you're looking for a no-brainer actionfest, you've come to the right place.

Barton may be hot headed, but he isn't dumb enough to believe basic firearms could take down Ares or Moonstone. But I didn't mention Sentry? Well, apparently he KNEW Sentry would just decide to leave at night....Yeah, he just knew. And this is where the violence begins. It's certainly entertaining and non-stop until the end of the issue, but a few things made no sense...For example, him shooting Bullseye only to say "too bad you'll heal"...Wait...what? Didn't he enter the building to KILL them? So why not put a bullet in his head? Also, the ending with Norman Osborn feels like a bit of a continuity error to me...He has a device here helping him out, but it was never displayed before this. Oh well, I suppose I'm just nitpicking on that one.

Despite me really bad-mouthing this issue, it was a short and enjoyable read, especially if you're just looking for action. The dialogue isn't anything exceptional, but there are a few laughs in the beginning and I enjoyed Barton's moment with Mockingbird. Also, the art by Djurdjevic is really top notch. His use of shading seems perfect and the facial expressions are shocking realisitc at times.

Fan of Clint Barton? Pick it up to see him at his best. Looking for some violence? Check it out. Looking for a great plot? Well, you can pass on this one.

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