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From the pages of NEW AVENGERS, The Hood leaps into the spotlight! Meeting with Dr. Doom, bossing around his own crime family – anyway you want to cut it, Parker Robbins is getting big. His territory is growing like a wildfire, and you can't keep any of his boys in jail. But there's always someone bigger than you. Calling shots in New York is one thing...but calling them in Latveria, the Atlantic Ocean, and Asgard is another! Worse still, even some of the small fries are trying to edge out Parker, but there's a reason only one of these people is wearing The Hood!

The Hood is getting torched to death by his old enemy White Fang. He tries to escape by turning invisible but is still taken of White Fang's technology. After be throw threw the floors and the walls he is being beaten to death by White Fang until he begs for the aid of Dormammu. Parker is then turned into his demon counter part and destroys White Fang's weapons. He almost kills her but gets control of his human side and escapes the scene leaving White Fang feeling failure for not killing the Hood.

Back at the Hood's hideout, the Enforcers are talking trash about Madame Masque but is stopped by the Hood. He later meets with John telling out his encounter with White Fang and his near experience with Dormammu taking total control which he is now seeing as a major problem. He tells John to see if Scarecrow knows anybody that is experienced in demons.

The next morning he meets with the Cabal in a volcano threw teleconfrence. Tensions in the group rise as Namor questions Hood's position in the Cabal but is later defended by Norman Osborn. This made Parker feel uneasy.

As he comes out of the meeting, he discovers his hide out burning to the ground. They don't know how is happened. As the gang relocates, John give the Hood a contact number on someone who knows of the occult.

The next morning Parker takes his wife Sara and his daughter Breanne see his sick mother who is in a retirement home with altimers. The meeting is painful for Parker but Sara tries to comfort him.

Minutes later, Parker arrives at the address given to him. He arrives in an occult store. The person that runs it is Satana.


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