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Well Done

The Hood's story in Dark Reign I always thought was probably the best one of them all. This is the first comic of his 5 issue story and sheds a lot of light on the Hood. Parker Robbins we see in this comic try to balance being a family man with being a gangster who leads Super Villains. Parker is shown with some redeeming qualities as well as very bad qualities that makes him interesting as a villain since he's not a cut and paste stereotypical villain like Dr. Doom (I do like Doom by the way) which is rather refreshing. You see him Madame Masque and Parker's relationship in this comic and the two do seem to legitimately care for each other. We also see Parker talking to Dormammu and get a taste of what their relationship will be like in the future which is pretty interesting. The past also comes back to hunt Parker at the end of this issue as well making you want to pick up the next issue and read it to find out what happens. Overall this comic is well done and I would advise people to pick it up.


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