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Dark Reign strikes Marvel's first family-in an explosive way! Prepared to be blown away as: HAMMER agents attack the Baxter Building. Reed changes everything. The Human Torch suffers a horrible loss and Franklin and Val go shopping. There's Time travel, Alternate realities, Celestials, Eternals, Deviants and Doombots... and more important than all of that, we find out the answer to the question: What is the Bridge? Collecting DARK REIGN: FANTASTIC FOUR #1-5.

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When the fallout from Reed's latest experiment forces Sue, Ben and Johnny to fight their way through time, the Fantastic trio find themselves staving off a super hero Hyborian-age civil war, defending the Holy Land in the Crusades, conquering the Wild West, beating back the Nazis and boldly going where no time-traveler has gone before! Meanwhile, back on Earth, it's Val and Franklin versus Norman Osborn and the agents of H.A.M.M.E.R.! Plus, alternate realities, Celestials, Eternals, Deviants, Doombots and the return of the Illuminati -- and more important than all of that, find out the answer to the question: What is the Bridge?

Collecting Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1-5, written by Jonathan Hickman (Secret Warriors) and illustrated by Sean Chen (Nova).


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The Story:  Reed Richards had an idea and built a machine he refers to as The Bridge. While using it, Sue, Ben and Johnny end up fighting their way through time landing in several different time periods. Back in the Baxter Building, Franklin and Valeria are awaiting their parents return when H.A.M.M.E.R. agents show up along with Norman Osborn.   My Thoughts:  The writing is done by Jonathan Hickman who I liked on the Secret Warriors series. However here, I wasn't too pleased with his writing. I...

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