Dark Ranger

    Character » Dark Ranger appears in 66 issues.

    The Dark Ranger is a hero from Australia that was inspired by Batman.

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    The Ranger was an Australian crimefighter who kept updating his costume and methods because of the increasing amount of crime and new criminals. He has always welded a jet pack and pulse weapon. He changed his name to the Dark Ranger when The Batmen of All Nations joined together to battle The Black Glove. The Wingman kills him and steals his identity. His former sidekick, Johnny Riley took up the mantle and is the new Dark Ranger.


    Dark Ranger's first appearance is in DC Comics's Detective Comics #215.

    Major Story Arcs

    Batman Incoporated

    During the events of Leviathan Strikes! , a pair of sluggish Spyral thugs attack Dick Grayson, Robin and Red Robin whilst they are trapped in the Labyrinth of Dedalus. They are quickly beaten and unmasked to reveal both are actually brainwashed Batman Incorporated members, one of the being the current Dark Ranger, Johnny Riley.


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