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Dark Nights Metal #2

Hi gang long time no review , but I just pick this up after watching a lot of review via YouTube , so I can see what all hub bub is all about and for the most part I dig it , now let me drop some knowledge on some of newbies unless you are willing go back and check some old school comics out this may not be story for you , but none the less it is a fun book with some really deep cuts from older comic book like sandman by Neil Gamon or Batman R.I.P just to name a few old school comic books . Now I feel DC is getting things right vs other who will remain nameless by giving the old school fanboy/ gals what we have been asking for that is a good story that is drawing you and making want more which this does , now here what I would challenge some of the old school fans to share your love of comics with the newbies ,because we all were newbies at one point .


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