Dark Nemesis

    Team » Dark Nemesis appears in 10 issues.

    Villian team that battled the Teen Titans. Members included Axis, Blizzard, Carom, Vault and two different Scorcher's.

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    Dark Nemesis is a super-powered team willing to work for anyone providing the compensation is good. Dark Nemesis first came into conflict with the Teen Titans when they were contracted by Pylon of the clandestine group called The Veil. The Veil wished to engage the Teen Titans in battle in so that they could test their various abilities.

    After their battle with the Teen Titans, all of the Dark Nemesis members except Scorcher were captured. When Scorcher later helped to organize a breakout. Risk felt a psychic connection to Scorcher, alerting them both to the fact she was of the alien H'San Natall offspring. During the escape, the rest of Dark Nemesis abandoned Scorcher, but before she was able to rendezvous with her teammates, she saved the lives of Atom and Risk. Axis, the leader of the team, also suspected that Scorcher was a H'San Natall/human hybrid, like the Titans.

    When next they met, Dark Nemesis was once again under the employ of The Veil, and as part of the plan, Axis killed Scorcher and framed Risk for her murder. The Titans were discredited and Dark Nemesis had accomplished their mission. Eventually the Titans were able to clear Risk of all the charges against him.

    Sometime later, Dark Nemesis recruited another Scorcher to replace the first Scorcher.

     They clashed with the Teen Titans yet again when Dark Nemesis was hired by a mysterious employer to acquire information on the diet supplement known as Apex. Before they were able to acquire the files, they were easily defeated by a refocused Titans.

     Dark Nemesis's current whereabouts and activities are unknown.


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