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The Dark Man
The Dark Man
Many centuries  ago, a young Odin met the being named the Dark Man and his wife Desire. Recognizing who the Dark Man was Odin proved victourios over him. A couple of centuries later when Thor had just earned the Mjolnir, he, Loki and the Warriors Three went to Nornheim looking for adventure. They were confronted by the Dark Man who challenged Thor and at Loki's instigation he accepted, despite his own willingness to appease the mysterious and dark being. Thor was told by the Dark Man to strike first and when Thor did, the Dark Man`s head flew off. To everyone's astonishment the Dark Man simply walked to his head and reattach it. He then told Thor it was his turn to strike but Thor would have to first travel to his land. Loki went with Thor but upon reaching a solid bridge made of gold, they met the Dark Man's wife Desire, Loki fled fearful and spooked. Thor resisted her charm and went to confront the Dark Man, but not before traversing a hallway of giant stone statues. When they battled each other the Dark Man was holding the upper hand and asked Thor if he now knew who he was. In which Thor replied " Thou art death incarnate!", and as the Dark Man approach with his axe held high, said, "Your death, perhaps...but no, I am not death!"  Thor then told him that he wouldn't beg for mercy only that he wished his father knew that he die as a true son of Odin. At this point Desire once again tried to interrupt the fight and to claim Thor as her own, only to be rejected by the Thunder god. Thor's stubbornness and refusual to give in to either Desire or the Dark Man. Thor's love weakened the Dark Man, turning the tides to Thor's favor. Dark Man recognizing this explains to Thor of what just happened and in turn gives Thor his horse and told him that Thor's pride and boyish terrors had been overcomed. He transported him back to Asgard where Odin recongnized the horse and sent it back to the Dark Man, wanting nothing from him nor his wife. 


Created by Steven Grant, Greg LaRocque and Ricardo Villamonte, the character of the Dark Man first appears in Thor #323. 

Powers and Abilities 

The Dark Man possesses extremely high levels of resiliency and was capable of functioning normally whilst decapitated. He is otherwise, extremely strong, with incalculable strength levels, extremely durable, immortal and appears to be fed from fear. Dark Man can generate powerful energy blasts from his hands. Dark Man can teleport through space, and through and to other dimensions. It is possible that he may be of an abstract nature. Even the All Father Odin is weary of the Dark Man. He wields a large ax. The Dark Man and his nature means, that he can not harm those who do not fear him.     
Physical Characteristics 
Height: 7'
Weight: 480 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple

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