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Mairi’s village in Localsh, Scotland, is a target of Angus Munro who desires a secluded location to create a powerful weapon (later revealed to be the sonic crystal). Angus aligns himself with the Hellfire Club to scare the villagers out of their homes by having images of evil spirits chase after and harass them, accomplished via holographic projectors. The entire village is very superstitious and gets their selves worked into a panic. Mairi easily discerns that these images are not real, since she can detect and communicate with spirits it was quite obvious, and proceeds to inform the villagers which quells their fears.

Shortly after Spider-Man visits the village as one of Mary-Jane’s relatives left her a piece of property nearby, and upon hearing about Hugh Munro’s disappearance he seeks to investigate. The Hellfire Club’s weapon gives off a vibration of sorts which, in addition to the “spirits” being projected as holographs, is able to keep Spider-Man at a distance. A few villagers spot Spider-Man hanging about and their highly superstitious beliefs lead them to the conclusion that he is a demon. The villagers then begin to chase Spider-Man threatening him harm with torches and pitchforks, and Spider-Man not wanting to hurt anyone or do anymore damage, eventually finding himself stuck in a tree with nowhere to go. Mairi shows up informs the villagers that Man O’Spiders is not a demon; furthermore, that she would drive out the real “demons” tormenting the village.

Mairi combining MJ's spirit and energy with her own
Mairi combining MJ's spirit and energy with her own

Mairi, along with Spider-Man and Mary Jane, make their way to Duncraig Castle which is the home of the Munro Clan. Now knowing that the “spirits” are just holographic projections, Spider-Man is no longer hesitant about approaching them. He finds an underground cavern and after entering it is captured by the Hellfire Club’s sonic weapon and is told of their plan to use the sonic crystal to kill every living person in Localsh, as they refused to otherwise leave. Mairi hears of their plan and persuades Mary Jane to lend Mairi her energy and spirit, combining that with her own Mairi sings a spirit song to the Earth Mother who appears to be angered at the actions of the Hellfire Club in the crystal cavern. The cavern then starts to collapse, Spider-Man is able to escape and rescue Hugh Munro as well. Spider-Man sustained quite a few injuries in the collapse of the cavern, in-addition to the effects of the Hellfire Club’s sonic weapon, but he is able to physically best Angus Munro who has lost control after having his plans foiled by Spider-Man. Angus Munro then proceeds to throw himself off the edge of a cliff to his death, driven mad by the previous turn of events.

Following this all the evidence of the Hellfire Clud’s and Angus’ actions is obliterated by a wave of magical force (presumably by Earth Mother), and the entire area is once again pure. Hugh Munro is left under the supervision and care of Mairi, she promises to look after him until the day when the villagers of Lochalsh can trust him and he goes back to his ancestral home of Duncraig Castle.


Dark Mairi of the Shore was created for use in Marvel comics by Charles Vess, her first and only appearance is in the graphic novel: Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth, which was released in 1990.

Character Evolution

Mairi's flowing white locks
Mairi's flowing white locks

Not much is really known about the mysterious Mairi, not even her age. She could be hundreds or even thousands of years old. She is thought highly of by villagers as her mere presence can bring a soothing calm to those feeling stress. She also appears to have a high social standing in her village as the other villagers seem to accept what she tells them with little difficulty.


Height- 5’8”

Weight- 90 lbs.

Age- Unknown (Presumably incredibly old)

Hair color- White

Powers and Abilities

Mairi has a connection with Earth spirits, Celtic Gods and fairy tale beings. She is able to talk with or call upon them for help, or just sense if they are near. Her ability to sense when spirits are near also applies to human, since she can discern that Peter Parker is the Man O’Spiders (AKA Spider-Man). Mairi respects the Gods but doesn't have control over them and as such can only request something be done, there’s no certainty it will be. By calling on the Earth Mother, Mairi was once able to have an underground cavern collapse.

If there is a downside to her abilities it would be the amount of time and attention she has to devote to communicating with a spirit.


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