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Third Times the Charm? 2

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 - Book One Written by Brian Azzarello & Frank Miller Pencils Andy Kubert Frank Miller Inks Klaus Janson Colored by Brad Anderson Alex SinclairWhy? That is the question that kept coming up in the aftermath of the announcement of the Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Why? Beyond the obvious commercial gains, ones that DC appears to be exploiting to their fullest potential like Marvel.That question slowly changed to a more interesting one: how? After reading...

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Not Bad not Brilliant 0

I Found the DK3 to lack the heavy dialog that was in the original DK. The artwork is quality and the story has potential to develop into something decent. However, I don't believe it justified the $10.15 Australian price tag I paid. Still it has me interested enough to buy the next issue. ...

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Frank Miller Strikes (out) Again 0

Originally published at The Hub City ReviewThere is an important distinction between impactful and improvement that often gets blurred with regards to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, to which this first issue of Dark Knight III: The Master Race serves as a sequel, building on three decades of nostalgia for the original. The Dark Knight Returns’ impact is a matter of unquestionable fact; alongside Moore’s Watchmen it marks the genesis of the Dark Age of Comics, an era wh...

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