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Dark Horse Presents #66

Concrete ~ Byrdland's Secret

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Too many people look for approval of what they like.

Yeah, Concrete is back to DHP and Chadwick proves that he didn't lose his magnificent touch. His background art is on point as always and the story has that magical 'it' about it that is hard to fully understand and therefore explain but pretty easy to catch while reading. Concrete character is still so fantastic and far from the reader in his appearance and way of life but still so close in his feelings and his thoughts. I guess we are a big rock guy to themselves in the everyday situations of society. And we should accept who we are and not compare themselves to other people because "some people are blazing comets, others fixed stars" and because everyone is beautiful in an own way. And how Chadwick was able to mock people that think comics have no worth for intelligent men a little. Bonus points to that Concrete art by Strangehands ("I kid you not"):

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The idea deserves to be a painting of its own (if it already isn't and it's not a reference to some famous work of a famous artist that I'm not aware of). Beautiful.

Dr. Giggles

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So this is the third and the final part of a comic preview to a motion picture of the same name. And while previous episodes of the story were embracing the concept of B-comics, this one actually succeeds in levelling it up to B+. Giggles is still ridiculously bad with all that pun-throwing and joke-making that is absolutely hilarious for people who appreciate cheesy movies and comics. But this one is accumulating all the build-up of the first and the second parts and actually becomes somewhat disturbing... still not scary but uncomfortably disturbing which is an accomplishment by itself. And the ending is making the existence of all this three-part 'Dr. Giggles' story worth something more than nothing. I think the ending was the first and the most captivating idea of the authors and the rest was just added as a build-up. This is definitely saved the comic preview to the film and now I might even watch it, I'm glad that the authors stepped up their game for the finale of the story.

An Accidental Death ~ Part Two

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The non-human art here is incredible. Humans are okay too but the environment is especially beautiful. The story progresses and all of it still seems plausible. It's like watching a documentary and wondering why people did something that stupid but when you think about it, you don't know whether you would do the same or something different. It's a breath of fresh air to read something like that in a comic book, I guess we're getting closer to the time where there don't have to be a fantastical element in a story for it to appear on the comic pages.

Genetic Defects & Overheard While I Was Supposed To Be Working...

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Campbell is looking to prove that he is capable to not only write irony and satire comics in 'Bacchus' but the straight-up funny comics too. I smiled at the first one, I laughed out loud at the second one. It was a nice light finish to a very good issue.

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