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Dark Horse Presents #58

Pass In Thunder ~ An Alien Fire Story ~ Episode Two

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I didn't understand a thing, I'm in desperate need of context. They should have explained the world if they wanted to feature a new one in an anthology (even if it's not a new world for comics in general). Maybe it will be more clear what all of the events mean as the story progresses but right now it's just confusing.

The Creep

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It's the final part of the 'daughter seeks her biological mother' story. The purpose of the story is to show how inexperienced Oxel as a private investigator is (he doesn't even own a gun). The conclusion especially shows that because everything happened without his actual involvement. We have a cameo of the 'Homicide' team, that's cool. I'm looking forward to Kärnhus actually solving serious cases, but I also enjoyed this story.

Fancies 2 (Mikio 0)

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Now we know an origin of Mikio and what his nightmares are about. I found funny this little twist with his dreams and how quickly apparently the main hero and a flying lady were able to become pretty close to each other. So this comic ode to the non-epic fantasy wasn't one-time thing and that's great, I love the idea.

Sin City ~ Episode 9

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Miller is killing it with his color game. For that kind of beating that Marv had last episode he looks pretty good, but I guess we have to accept that he's just freak of nature at this point. The stuff that this mysterious 'average-looking' guy does is sickening and I'm looking forward to how his meeting with Marv will end, because Violent Marv makes impression of a very determined at his purpose of revenge man.

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