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    In a direct follow-up to the uberpopular Hellboy in Mexico, Mike Mignola and Mick McMahon tell another tale set south of the border, in which . . . Hellboy gets married! First of two parts!

    Gain some insight into the next arc of Matt Kindt’s runaway hit MIND MGMT as we meet . . . the Magician! Bryan J. L. Glass and Victor Santos reveal the brutal new heroine of their new creator-owned series, Furious! And Chad Lambert and Christine Larsen give new meaning to the phrase “Kill me!” in the new story of the same name.

    Plus, new installments of Integer City, Alabaster, Nexus, Monstrous, City of Roses, and Saint George!

    Preview the new creator-owned series Furious with an original tale by Bryan J. L. Glass (Mice Templar) and Victor Santos (Polar, Mice Templar)!

    Features a new tale from Matt Kindt’s hit MIND MGMT!

    Hellboy gets married!


    • Hellboy Gets Married - Chapter 1
    • Integer City - "Power in the Blood" Chapter 2
    • Mind MGMT: Dream Job
    • Alabaster: Boxcar Tales - Chapter 12
    • Nexus: Into the Past - Chapter 7
    • Monstrous - "Dirty Water After the Apocalypse" Chapter 2
    • Crime Does Not Pay: City of Roses - Chapter 10
    • Saint George: Dragonslayer - Chapter 2
    • Furious: Role Model
    • Kill Me! - Chapter 1

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