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An all-new, all-star Annual! This double-sized, square-bound issue contains sixty four pages (no ads), featuring all new stories from the creators who have made Dark Horse Presents the most respected anthology title on the stands today: Concrete, by Paul Chadwick; Trekker, by Ron Randall; Mindwalk, by Randy Stradley and Randy Emberlin (last seen in DHP #4!); Masque, by Mark Badger; Bob the Alien, by Rich Rice; Wacky Squirrel, by Mike Richardson and Jim Bradrick; plus--a special appearance of Black Cross by Chris Warner, a new four-page Mr. Monster story by Michael T. Gilbert, an appearance by Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot, a new story by Gary Davis, and more!


Mr. Monster: "The Thing in Stiff Alley." Mr. Monster, out on patrol, responds to the cries of some terrified citizens. Following the blood-curdling growls of the creature that has terrorized them, Mr. Monster is frightfully disappointed when he discovers that the creature's small size does not match its formidable growl.

Anomaly: Humanity's is set for its first foray beyond the solar system in the intersteller spacecraft, The Marathon. The crew encounter an enormous alien artefact beyond the orbit of Pluto.

A Mother's Tragedy: A mother's account of the growing emotional distance between herself and her son.

Trekker: "Vincent's Share, Part 1" Mercy St. Clair tracks her one-time collaborator, Vincent, to the outpost of Gamma-7. He'd skipped out on her after their last job with her share of the payment. She intends on getting what she's owed but Vincent offers her the chance of a bigger payday if she'll help him bust the bounties that he's trakking.

The Mystery Men: A brief historical account of the founding of The Flaming Carrot's band of Mystery Men.

The Visit: A man tracks down his derelict father in order to say goodbye before moving to another part of the country.


Concrete: "Watching a Sunset"

Bob the Alien: "Goes Birddogging"

Mindwalk: Garrett feels that his extraordinary abilities have become a burden and that he's destined to be used, abused and fought over by people looking to exploit him.

Wacky Squirrel: "Mixed Results"

Black Cross:


  • The cover is a homage of the cover of Superman Annual #1.


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Story Arcs

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