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Fresh out of his own hit miniseries, Kelley Jones' Hammer bursts into the pages of DHP for a special short story. It's horror of high-caliber from one of comics' most popular artists! Dave Cooper (Suckle) continues to chronicle the sick relationship between Dan and Larry. Dan has to go into town to get a special device to save a herd of sheep, but will he find what he needs or just pursue what he wants? In the third chapter of "Stiltskin," Egon has lost everything, but sometimes that's where life begins. This tale of a defiant young man versus impossible odds is by Shane Oakley (Rock `n' Roll High School). Finally, an all-new "Zombie Kid" strip by Generation X artist Jim Mahfood!

Creator, Writer, Artist Kelley Jones' gives us the brief tale "The World in Which We Live". As the Professor (The Hammer) and his good collegue Carl stroll through Arkham one day, the Professor is in a pessimistic mood due to his ability to see into the hearts of those around him. As a warrior chose to combat the Great Cthulhu and all his minions, the Professor relentlessly confronts all of the evil he sees in very black and white terms. His companion earnestly tries to demonstrate all the goodness around them but he just cannot see the things that the Hammer can see. They stroll and philosophise as we get to see how truly evil the world really is through the Hammer's eyes. Finally, upon coming to a local hamburger kiosk, the Hammer gets a whiff of the delicious grill, promptly orders 12 with everything on them (his great hunger due to an accelerated metabolism thanks to the entity attached to his head) turns to his friend with a big smile on his face and states that perhaps Carl has indeed given him something good to consider.

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