Dark Gods

    Team » Dark Gods appears in 22 issues.

    The Dark Gods are the evil opposites of the Asgardians.

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    The Asgardians first come into contact with the Dark Gods many millennia ago, when Odin sends a scout to explore the universe. This scout discovers Narcisson - the city of the Dark Gods - and is drawn in conflict with Tserron, wife of the prince Perrikus.

    In addition to Perrikus, the core group of Dark Gods  consists of Majeston Zelia (the leader); Adva (god of Portals and Knowledge); D'Chel (god of Deceit); Slototh (god of Filth) and Tokkots (god of Corruption). The scout kills Tserron and escapes, not realizing that Perrikus has allowed him to escape so as to determine where the scout originated from. Once Perrikus learns of Asgard, the Dark Gods attack and after a long and bloody war defeat the Asgardians. Just as Odin was about to be killed by the Dark Gods, an infant Thor aids Odin.


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