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    I would like to introduce....Captain Marvel! (Spoilers)

    You know Noh Varr really deserves his own series, that's just me talking personally but we never really see him especially now that he is no longer a member of the Dark Avengers. However back on topic...Noh has been a very busy bee, on top of eluding Stormin Norman Noh has been trying to find purpose in his life. I think this story really got to me because like Noh, I too am young and feel somewhat directionless in this crazed world. And that's what makes Noh great while he is somewhat detached from Humanity due to his Alien Origin he is slowly having unseen changes; An examples is his desire to do good and live up to the name of Mar-Vell. This issue is full of goodies, such as Noh facing off against the Sentry, which was interesting, considering Noh's dialogue that those who are on the Dark Avengers  are either a criminal or insane, and to deny it meaning you are both. Also at the highlight Noh's call is heard by the Supreme Intelligence and is awarded his very own Nega-Bands! as well as the title Protector of Earth! I mean how great is that?!? I was practically applauding Noh. The Marvel universe's wayward son has now found purpose to his life, and you can bet I'll be following him all the way. Just overall it seems that Bendis has been putting a lot of thought on what to do with Noh as can be seen through Noh's thoughts on his direction in life as well as the dialogue between him and Sentry. It really is amazing to me seeing those diamonds in the rough reaching their full potential. As for the Art I can never find any complaint with Bachalo's work, i mean even if i wasn't a fan of Noh Varr or the Dark Avengers, i still would have gotten the issue for it's bad@$$ cover. Thats really all i have to say cause this receives full marks from me: 5/5

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       Quick summary: Great art, great writing, major character development, and a small self-contained story that will have an impact on the larger Marvel U. If (and only if) you are having fun with Dark Reign and the Dark Avengers, this is an easy buy. A few comments:Finally we get to see what happened to Noh-Varr! I have always been bugged by how Noh-varr just fell off the map in the early issues of Dark Avengers, I was worried that he was dropped out of writer's convenience and that his inclusion ...

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