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    The REAL ending of siege.

    Okay, here's the conclusion of siege. 
    Asgard lay in ruin, the Dark Avenger have been tamed, thisis the end...   
    What I've readed : 

    The issue begin with the arrrival of Osborn, at Ryker Island,, the maximum security penitentiary, where's he's welcomed by Steve Rogers, and the next page, we see the day just before : where Osborn get the punch in the face that he deserved for so long, and later, Bullseye and Moonstone get theirs when they try to escape. 
    Victoria hand play it smartly.  
     Meanwhile, one of the Dark X-men, Daken escape and Phobos meet Thor, who serve him a proper eulogy to his father.

     Next, Victoria Hand is getting a interview with Steve Rogers, and get against all seeming odd a job by him. She's rather struck with surprise. 
    In the last, Normy is jailed in his own cell in Ryker's, where he end justifiyng himself to his mocking "dark side", the green goblin... 
    Lastly, we have a letter of  Bendis himself who say how much it was good to work on this serie blah blah blah....

    That's it. 
    What I think :

    The good thing is that yes, it's a good conclusion, these evil people get what they deserve, most of them. I enjoyed it much, yeah, I despised most of them, but I must admit that Dark Avenger was a rather very good run. The Dark Avenger were all bastard in a way or another, and Dark Avenger was exaclty that, a story about bad people in power.
    The drawing were good, Thor looked like a GOD ! or at least a hero. The last Panel is truly priceless, the spirit of the green goblin laughter and Normy on his knee behind the bar is just a work of art. You'll enjoy it, you can truly feel the despair of Osborn.  
    The depiction of character is rather good, I didn't see any real flaw in this. Only Venom seems a little off, but still... 
    There isn't any truly bad thing to say about it.

    Yay, actually, this is a REAL conclusion, not just some bad written and bad drawed ending that we feel rushed. 
    Conclusion : 
    The 16th volume of Dark Avenger was good, really good.   

    But not that good.  
    It feel good to see them get kicked, but well, I need more than that to think that an Issue is Awesome. It lacked of true spirit, of a true explanation. Maybe an ending that was more fulfilling. Maybe it's because we see thing through the eyes of the baddies...but still, I sensed some lack in this issue for the truly awesome 5.0 grade. 
    I tend to think it's because we didn't get into the dark avenger head really. 
    A cool ending Volume, still. 
    For a Marvel book about evil...

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