Dark Avengers #1

    Dark Avengers » Dark Avengers #1 - Assemble released by Marvel on March 2009.

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    THE DARK REIGN IS HERE! The start of an explosive new era in the Avengers mythos! Who are the Dark Avengers? Who is the Iron Patriot? The answers will shock you! Brought to you by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato Jr.

    Morgana Le fay is watching and waiting to strike at the new team that will come out of the nation's hero.

    Norman Osborn has saved the world from the skrull invasion. Norman Osborn is now in charge of the world's security. And now, Norman Osborn is head of, THE AVENGERS!? Yes, the world's hero, who is really a sadistic psychopath has chosen his pick for earth's darkest mightiest heroes.

    Dr. Karla Sofen a.k.a Moonstone of the Thunderbolts is approached by Osborn and given a Ms.Marvel's 70's retro costume. She denies at first stating she likes being Moonstone. But Osborn, who is a master of manipulation, mentions that Moonstone is a criminal who should be locked up, she accepts with a smile.

    In a bar, the son of Wolverine, Daken is about to enter for a drink wearing a cowboy hat similar to what his dad does, he sees Osborn with Ares having beer and pizza, Daken notices Osborn and begins to approach when Ares makes a rude comment about his conceivment, which causes Daken to pop his claws and Osborn calmly cools him down, and mentions that Daken's Father is a Samurai Warrior, and gives him the classic 80's brown Wolverine costume to Daken and says it will anger his Dad, which he (Osborn) wants to do, and Daken accepts.

    Back in Colorado, Venom is at the Thunderbolts mountain where he has the pleasure of eating skrulls (yeah, like we really needed that in the book)who Osborn gives a dessert treat that minimizes his size and in a splash page, mirroring the first time Spider-man was in the black suit, Gargan gives off the same pose and and says he takes back all the bad things he's said about Osborn, most of them.

    Bullseye sits down to have a meetin' with stormin' Normin. As soon as the meeting begins, Bullseye asks how Osborn wants to screw him over. Norman says he was thinking of offering him a new home, where Bullseye acts like he's getting fooled, but asks where. Norman mentions Avengers Tower, to which Bullseye's reaction causes him to fall back due to the shock of surprise.

    Ms.Marvel (Carol Danvers) flies to her old home where Mr.O pours a drink and wants to negotiate her being a registered super-hero, meaning she works for him. She reacts that she is on crazy pills. Ares and Sentry are in the room as well. Carol talks to them asking why they are with Osborn. Ares acts lazy and mentions it's cause it is his home, and the Sentry has no real answer, which Danvers sheds tears, and flies out of the window in a rage.

    Bullseye is in his Hawkeye mantle given to him by Osborn who sees Moonstone in the retro Ms,Marvel outfit. They are in a private room, and they see modifications to Tony Stark's Iron Man armor, and that the armor is what Osborn will wear himself.

    In a press conference Norman Osborn holds, he brings out his recruits, and everybody say hi to the DARK REIGN annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd........ THE DARK AVENGERS!!!!!!!!!


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    Quite an introduction! 0

    Though I'm mainly an X-fan I begrudgingly participate in every Marvel line-wide event, which is how I happened upon this book – it's the first title in the Siege: Prelude TPB. Having outright despised Secret Invasion I was skeptical of the entire edition as well as anything Bendis. Imagine my surprise when this issue was a taut, engaging intro to a series I suddenly have a deep craving to catch up on. Disclosure: I haven't read any Avengers comics other than Disassembled since the 1990s, every...

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    Norman is the top dog. 0

    I have had this issue for a long time and have been aching to review it. This is the first issue is the start of an ongoing series telling the stories of Norman Osborn's avengers and also has ties up a few loose ends from secret avengers and also sets the stage for the next issues.The cover is brilliant a true classic with all the characters in shadow and the lightning bolt in the background it is a true classic. The story doesn't have much action in it but it shows a Osborn assembling his new a...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    my first 3 star review, why? You're about to know. 0

    I don't hate this book, nor i love it, i just "like it" I'm not the type, comic books for me are meant as a form of literature, read my reviews and all that you'll see is pure greatness. Brian Bendis, the mainstream writer of the century (he'll get as overrated as Jeph Loeb) Now takes us in a mistery-plagued ride called Dark Avengers (this name is just... Lame...) One of the main books of the Dark Reign storyline, so far, so good, i like big events (Do i?) when you get to see real change (take t...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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