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The Dark Arcana was a team of powered beings (mostly supervillains) modeled after tarot cards.

The Fool: Punch and Jewelee

The Magician: Enigma

The High Priestess: Morgan Le Fay

The Empress: Lady Shiva

The Emperor: Protex (?)

The Hierophant: Ra's Al Ghul

The Lovers: Catman and Catwoman

The Chariot: Zoom

Strength: Giganta

The Hermit: Brainiac

The Wheel of Fortune: Royal Flush Gang

Justice: Konvikt

The Hanged Man: Gentleman Ghost

Death: Solomon Grundy

Temperance: Prometheus

The Hermit: Deathstroke

The Tower: Vandal Savage

The Star: Cheetah

The Moon: Scarecrow

The Sun: Sun-Chained-In-Ink

The World: Floronic Man

Judgment: Dr. Polaris


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