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    Shevaun Haldane became the hero known as Dark Angel shortly after witnessing her father's death at the hands of Mephisto and discovering Mys-Tech's occult ties.

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    Mys Tech Wars
    Mys Tech Wars

    Shevaun Haldane originally worked as an scientist for Mys-Tech, studying chaos theory alongside her father, until discovering Mys-Tech's ties to Mephisto after witnessing the dark being kill her father for attempting to betray the arrangement Mephisto had with Mys-Tech.

    Shevaun then saw the Angel of Death as it came to collect her father's soul, only for it to come too late as Mephisto had already taken it. The Angel then informed Shevaun of the truth behind Mys-Tech, and offered her a shred of the fabric of the universe in order to give her the power to oppose Mys-Tech's evil. Shevaun was also granted a special high-tech suit of body armor to help her control the great power she now wielded.

    As Dark Angel, Shevaun then devoted her life to taking down Mys-Tech and its operatives across the Earth, through other dimensions, and even in the afterlife.


    Shevaun Haldane first appeared as Hell's Angel in July 1992's Hell's Angel #1. Due to legal threats however from the Hells Angels biker club, both Shevaun and her comic book were renamed Dark Angel with issue #6. Alongside this renaming, the lawsuit was settled by Marvel agreeing to pay $35,000 as a charitable gift to the Ronald McDonald House in the name of both Marvel and the Hells Angels.

    Major Story Arcs

    Vampire State

    Dark Angel's back (from space)!
    Dark Angel's back (from space)!

    Dark Angel was most recently seen as she assisted MI: 13 in their fight against Dracula's army of vampires as they attempted to invade Britain. She was among the strike force supported by SAS agents that took on Dracula's main army on the surface of the moon.

    Powers & Abilities

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    Among Dark Angel's powers are flight, teleportation, telepathy, the ability to alter the density of herself and those around her to phase through substances, energy projection and manipulation, and a limited cosmic awareness. These powers all stem from the piece of the universe that has bonded with her skin, which allows her to access power on a cosmic scale. Her "costume" is part of her, and is essentially a black hole.

    In order to use her powers most effectively, Dark Angel's body armor primarily acts as an inhibitor on her powers to allow her to more easily control them. The armor's goggles allow her to rapidly analyze and track different forms of energy, and also enhance her cosmic awareness to act as a form of extrasensory perception.

    Dark Angel is also an accomplished scientist with degrees in chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics - and possesses extensive bio-occult training. She has utilized her intellect and techno-wizardry (that she learned from her father) to design a wide variety of weapons - most notably her graviton phase blaster, which can fire bursts of anti-matter.


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