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    The unholy Xenomorph offspring born from a Darkling, a creation of the Darkness. It possesses fearsome abilities inherent to both Xenomorphs and the Darkness itself.

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    Story Arc


    Trapped aboard a ship filled with Xenomorphs headed for Earth, one of Jackie Estacado's Darkness created Darklings wound up getting lost and attacked by a Facehugger. Not long after, the new Xenomorph hatched and tracked down Jackie and Sara Pezzini, sneaking aboard the escape shuttle they'd found. Jackie originally thought that the presence he felt from the DarkAlien was simply another Darkling, but soon saw that was far from the case.

    The DarkAlien was a brutal opponent for Jackie and Sara. Its acidic blood burned through everything in its path and it easily healed itself once it retreated to the shadows. Jackie noted that it had always seemed like Xenomorphs had a strange love/hate attraction to the Darkness, making it clear that the DarkAlien was a highly unstable monstrosity. Eventually the DarkAlien was locked away in an airlock and Sara and Jackie planned to simply shoot it off into space. Its malleable Darkness form allowed it to escape the airlock with relative ease though and it soon returned to pursue its prey. Jackie was able to fight off the creature for a time, as only the Darkness could truly hurt itself, but this was a double-edged sword and Jackie was soon over-whelmed by this personification of his power. Even Sara's help wasn't enough to turn the tide, until the Witchblade transferred itself over to the Predator, Sister Midnight. With Jackie fighting the DarkAlien from the inside and Sister Midnight on the outside, the DarkAlien was torn to shreds and presumably killed. Whatever mightn't have remained of the creature though was afterwards vaporized by Sister Midnight's self-destruct device explosion.


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