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    Supreme's archenemy. A villain with a "Lex Luthor" complex. He has a vast cadre of alternate selves called the Daxia.

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    Supreme: The Story of the Year

    Darius Christian Dax grew up in Littlehaven. As a kid, young Darius was a child prodigy but used his intelligence for evil. He became a well known local menace and often clashed with Kid Supreme (who would soon change his name to Supreme) and kidnap Judy Jordan on every occasion. Dax stole a dangerous element called Supremium from Professor Erwin Wells and applied it to his schemes on numerous occasions to defeat Kid Supreme. He even teamed-up with foes like the Master Meteor, Jack-A-Dandy, and Optilux. He even created Shadow Supreme.

    While in jail in 1967, Dax had been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer do to his exposure to Supremium from over the years. The prison doctor told him he had roughly a year to live. But Dax was determined to cheat death by any means necessary. He built a device that would digitise and record his memories and personality: his entire mind would become a database. The computers he used to record himself onto was incredibly small and thinner than grains of dust. He put his smart dust onto the pages of a book, Life After Death, and mailed it to Judy and then died. Inside the book he inscribed, "To Judy, keep me in your thoughts forever. Thanks for everything. Darius Dax".

    When Judy opened the package, she was exposed to the artificial dust Dax created. His consciousness inside the micro-machines disconnected Judy from her own personality and reconnected to Dax's. It took two days for Dax to take full control of Judy's mind and erase Judy's consciousness, taking a further five days to install his into her body. As Judy Jordan, Dax built an android named Hilda to be "Judy's grandchild" when she yearned for Supreme's return from space and wanted his children.

    When Supreme finally returned from space, he as his alter-ego Ethan Crane returned to Littlehaven when his "memories" returned to him from the revision where he encountered an older Judy Jordan and was completely unaware that his greatest enemy took over her body. At sometime later, Judy and Hilda were able to locate Supreme's Citadel and tried to take it over. They were able to subdue the Suprematons and trap Supreme into the Hell of Mirrors. Once Dax revealed himself as Judy, he began to use the Citadel to invade Omegapolis. Dax then transferred his mind into the body of Magno, an enemy of the Allied Supremen of America and abandoned Judy's older body. Soon he battled against Suprema, Radar the Hound Supreme, Glory, Diehard, Professor Night, Twilight, and the League of Infinity. Soon Supreme escaped the Hell of Mirrors and Hilda was destroyed. When Dax tried to use artificial Supremium Supreme created into Magno's body, an unexpected phenomenon occurred. It unknowingly changed him into the Supremium Man and pulled him into the past as it created a paradox to a point that Dax became the Supremium meteorite that Supreme was exposed to as a child and was endowed with superpowers.

    Supreme: The Return

    After events that led to Darius being turned into the Supremium meteorite, he found himself in Daxia, a limbo world populated by other versions of himself. It was explained that they all had fought some version of Supreme and upon the end of their stories ended up in this world which they built into their own evil utopia. Darius convinced his evil doppelgangers to send him back to the 90's universe in order to continue fighting Supreme. Upon arriving back in his world at the Omegapolis Museum of Antiques he set to planning against his nemesis once more.

    After recalling his childhood run in with Supremium Man (then going by the name Master Meteor) he decided to summon the villain in order to gain his piece of Supremium, but Supremium Man was unhelpful on upon his arrival and simply left to fight Supreme once more.

    Image Comics 20th Anniversary

    When Darius Dax picks up the latest issue if Omniman at a comic book store, it covers details about a similar experience he had in Daxia and theorizes that Supreme has a similar limbo realm where every alternate versions of Supreme exist. He then builds a portal to return to Daxia where he plans to rally all the diabolical dimensional duplicates to launch an invasion to Supremacy and the Citadel. His plan almost succeeded when they manage to kill off almost everyone from Supremacy until the original Liefeld Supreme was freed from his imprisonment and killed all the Daxes in retaliation.

    Supreme: Blue Rose

    A new Darius Dax in Supreme: Blue Rose
    A new Darius Dax in Supreme: Blue Rose

    Another alternate version of Darius Dax appears in Supreme: Blue Rose. In this version, Darius Dax is African-America.

    Alternate Versions of Darius Dax

    • Original Darius Dax
    • Daxor
    • Delroy Dax
    • Darius Duck
    • King Darius IV
    • Dax-of-the-Future
    • Dead-Eye Dax
    • 40's Nazi Mad Scientist Dax
    • Grim 80's Tittering Transvestite Serial Killer Dax
    • Darla Dax
    • Danny Dean Dax
    • Tremendax
    • Doomsdax
    • Dianax
    • Daxian

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