Dargo Ktor

    Character » Dargo Ktor appears in 29 issues.

    Dargo grew up on a future earth ruled by corporations. He was part of the Cult of the Hammer and with the power of Thor, helped to lead his people to freedom.

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    The story

    In the year 2587 Earth will be very different. The city you now know as New York will be destroyed. New will rise above the old. The Corporation is the leader of the land and enslaves it's victims. There are no more costumed heroes only stories of what there was and of the fate of some lucky guy to become a Thor and be worthy. One day a rebel clan found the hammer of Thor and have planned to find one worthy of it's power. They believe the one who can lift it will be the one who will set them free.

    New Hero

    A man named Dargo Ktor was apart of the rebel clan. His faith was not nearly as strong as others. He always predicted who ever tried to lift Thor's hammer would fail. ALl the stories about Thor he thought were fairy tales. Later, the Corporation hired Loki to destroy the rebels. Loki was happy to take this task and accepted it. So Loki and Tyrus leader of rock trolls found the rebel's hideout and attacked them. They killed all in their path and had no mercy. That's when Dargo reached for a weapon to save his fellow people. His hands guided him to the hammer of Thor. He lifted the hammer and great things occurred. Thor's power flowed through jis body and got the power of the thunder god. Dargo easily pushed back the enemies. But, he was so confused he had to go and clear his head. His peoples fate had risen and they began to protest against the Corporation. They felt save thanks to the new god of thunder. Dargo decided he would not let his people face the forces of evil alone and joined them. Dargo and his people were then attacked. He fought them as well as he could. Tyrus was there and had fought the real Thor before and found out he was an impostor. He found this out because the hammer of Thor did not want to go through with Dargo's commands. Dargo then defeated Tyrus and Loki killed the chairman of the Corporation. Now the Corporation was gone and defeated. So Dargo opened a portal with the hammer and throw the hammer in it. He did this so the hammer could return to it's rightful owner or give someone else a chance to prove themself worthy. The hammer has returned

    Later in the year of 2591 Dargo has somehow gained the hammer again. He then resumed being the mighty god of thunder. That's when Dargo was tricked by a man named Zarrko. Zarrko tricked him into going back in time to battle the present Thor named Thunderstrike. Zarrko said that Thunderstrike would destroy Dargo's timeline. In which will result in the death of his wife. Dargo the attacked Thunderstrike while he was already in a fight with Stellaris. The two of them were very surprised that they were evenly matched. That's when Zarrko revealed that he was going to use the two Thor hammers to power his time traveling machine. So he could become the master of all time. During that time the two Thor's were still fighting. Then Beta Ray Bill was alerted. He went to earth and stopped their fighting. He told them they were Hammer brothers and they were both worthy. He said they should join forces to battle evil together. So they all went to Zarrko's ship to stop him. They also decided to call them self the Thor Corps. Zarrko put them to the test by taking all of the Thor enemies from all different timelines and made them defeat all of these villains. In the end Zarrko made the biggest mistake by pulling Loki out of the time stream. Zarrko tried to control Loki but Loki would not have that happened. Loki was not going to be controlled by anyone so he attacked Zarrko and defeated him. Now Zarrko's ship was about to explode after Loki destroyed everything. So they came up with a plan. So Beta Ray Bill send each of them to there own timeline. So they all returned to their home where they will remain happy and fight the forces of evil.

    Reunited once more

    Later in the year 2593 they reunite again. Dargo is forced to join back up with the Thor Corps by Demonstaff. Demonstaff is Dargo's worst enemy and they both hate each other a great amount. Demonstaff has Dargo's wife Salla and unless they return Demonstaff's wife Elene then Salla will die and he will destroy the reality. It turns out later they do find Demonstaffs wife but, she does not want him. This makes Demonstaff realize what he has done was wrong. So they return to their homes. It can be guessed Dargo is at home fighting villains with the power of Thor.

    Powers & Abilities

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    Dargo has all of the powers of Thor. This means he has superhuman strength, endurance, and high resistance to injury. Also he has the hammer of Thor which gives him all the mystical powers of Thor.


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