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    A young boy named David Jarret whom was seemingly the last normal person on Earth. That was untill he died, and seemingly had the power to revive himself. In adulthood, he became Daredevil, a circus performer with the inability to die and be reborn despite his best wishes.

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    Not to be confused with the real Daredevil, Matt Murdock. This Daredevil's identity is a mystery and many people have been suspected of being him from Foggy Nelson to Deadpool. Daredevil's attitude towards the insistence that he be "someone" underneath his mask suggests that he was no one of importance before adopting the guise. His identity was later revealed in the Marvels X series.


    David was a normal boy living in the United States with his parents, sister and grandmather when the Terigen Mists somehow got loose in the world, causing all of the human population in the world to mutate. David was strangely enough not effected by the mists, which eventually caused him and other to believe he was the only 'normal' person left in the world.


    Daredevil was created by Alex Ross and Jim Kreuger and first appeared (historically) in Earth X issue 2 (1999) but it was unknown whom the character really was. It wasnt until the prequel Marvels X series came out, some 20 years later, that it was revealled in issue 6 of the series that this Daredevil was actually a man named David Jarrett. David first appeared (as a boy) in Marvels X issue 1 (2020).

    Major Story Arcs

    Marvels X

    As the Terigen Mist altered everybody, chaos was roaming. During a supplie run, David's parents where killed by mutated people. And with his sister and grandmother being effected by the mists, it left David to support his remaining family. After returning from one of his supply-runs, David noticed his sister had finally emerged from her room with new strange powers. His sister was shocked by her new powers and left the family home confused. Not much later, David's grandma also died due to elderdom and the effects of the mists.

    David, a fond believer and follower of the SuperHeroes, felled like there was nothing left for him in his hometown and set out to go to New York City, in hope of finding the heroes and hoping that the would have a cure. On the road, David was attacked by mutates, but was saved by John Blaze (unbeknown to also be Ghost Rider). John realixed soon the potential importance of David, being the only human left on Earth, and wanted to bring him to the heroes so that Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four could perhaps find a cure for the deciece. But, nearing New York City, David became scared of John when he showed that he was the Ghost Rider and fled.

    Eventually David was found by Spider-Man and Daredevil. He was taken in by Peter Parker and David soon became friends with Peter's daughter May. While staying there, Spider-Man and Daredevil prepared to have David brought in to the Baxter Building, where many of the superheroes where located, working on a cure for the mutation of every human on Earth.

    However, the building was under heavy fire from mutates whom wanted to either kill the heroes because they thought their mutation was the heroes' fold, or because they wanted to stop the heroes from making them normal again. When the mutates finally broke in, a fight ensued, causing heroes to fight the mutates. In the battle, David was leathely wounded by a mutated-like Scorpion.

    David seemed to have died, and was buried while being mourned by many of the heroes, including Spider-Man and his daughter May. It was however during this time that Nighthawk, who once more received visions of the future, found out that David had in fact been revived. He dug David up from his grave and explained to a startelled David that he was not a normal human. They just found out later what his mutated powers where, the powers to come back from the dead.

    Becoming Daredevil

    Years later, David became known as the second Daredevil. He joined a circus and became a circus performer with the inability to die and be reborn despite his best wishes. His sanity was questionable at this time, not seeing any hint of the stable young boy he once was all those years ago.


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