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    After his parents were killed, Bart Hill originally took up the crime fighting guise as the boomerang wielding Daredevil. A character who has fallen into the Public Domain, Bart Hill has appeared in various comic books as the Death-Defying Devil, Reddevil, and Devil by different companies.

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    As a child, Bart Hill was witness to his parents' brutal murder. The murderer also branded Bart with a hot iron, leaving a boomerang shaped scar of his left chest. This traumatic experience left the boy mute. His origin was eventually retconned and in the comics Hill's parents killed while in Australia. Subsequently, he raised by a tribe of Aborigines, learning how to wield the boomerang. He later returns to the United States and he dons his costume and using his expert marksman skills, he becomes a street vigilante known as the Daredevil.


    Daredevil was created by Jack Binder and Don Rico. It should be noted that the name of Daredevil being used by Marvel Comics and the copyright and trademark of the name is questionable since the original is in the Public Domain. However, while the character of Bart Hill is in the Public Domain, the name of Daredevil has not been used on the covers of comics due to the possible conflict of interest or trademark infringement.

    Character Evolution

    Lev Gleason

    Daredevil (Lev Gleason)
    Daredevil (Lev Gleason)

    The original Golden Age Daredevil debuted in Silver Streak Comics. Daredevil fought an epic war against The Claw in the 1940s in his own long running title. Prior to the U.S. being involved in World War II, The Claw once allied himself with Adolf Hitler. This prompted Daredevil to team up with the Silver Streak and other heroes to fight against the combined forces of the Nazis and The Claw. Later on, Daredevil found himself a group of sidekicks called the Little Wise Guys.

    AC Comics

    Reddevil (AC Comics)
    Reddevil (AC Comics)

    AC Comics has used Daredevil in their FemForce Universe. In that universe he is known as Reddevil.

    Other publishers

    Daredevil is in the public domain, and as a result many publishers have used him to varying degrees.

    First Publications

    Daredevil was one of the many Golden Age heroes who showed up in Roy Thomas' Alter Ego mini-series. He was renamed as Doubledare.

    Dynamite Entertainment

    Death-Defying 'Devil (Dynamite Entertainment)
    Death-Defying 'Devil (Dynamite Entertainment)

    After having been trapped in the Urn of Pandora by the Fighting Yank for 60 years, the Death-Defying 'Devil emerged in Paris, France where he rescued a French policewoman named Justine from a terrorist group dubbed "The Claw." As an apparent after-effect of his time in the Urn, 'Devil seems now unable to speak. After helping his fellow returning heroes fight off the F-Troop in the Middle East, 'Devil embarks on a mission to discover the terrorist group's ties to his old enemy, who he believes may still be alive.

    Image Comics

    Daredevil (Image Comics)
    Daredevil (Image Comics)

    During Savage Dragon's battle with Solar Man, Dragon's allies learn that Solar Man's power is coming from heroes he trapped over the years. Once these heroes are free, Solar Man's power was vastly diminished and he was easily defeated. The Golden Age Daredevil was one of the heroes who was trapped. He has since decided to return to crime fighting, taking up residence in Chicago, along with his allies the Little Wise Guys.

    Commentariat Comics

    A writer in the UK made a parody of Daredevil titled, "Not Daredevil". Using the original Charles Byro and changing the dialogue of the original issues, the parody "Not Daredevil vs. the KKK" is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

    Major Story Arcs

    Powers & Abilities


    Skilled boxer and martial artist


    Expert boomerang marksman


    He has enhanced healing.


    Highly athletic

    Superior reflexes

    Skilled acrobat

    Other Versions

    Other Media


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