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    As a child, Matt Murdock was blinded by radioactive waste while trying to save an elderly stranger about to get hit by a truck carrying the dangerous material. In turn, his other senses were heightened to superhuman sharpness and he gained a form of "radar sense". By day, he is a successful trial lawyer; but by night, he guards Hell's Kitchen as Daredevil: the Man Without Fear.

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    Man Without Fear

    Daredevil: Man Without Fear - The Definitive Daredevil Origin by Frank Miller with art by John Romita Jr. This story touches on a young Matt Murdock as a kid and in his early collage years. You will see Matt's first encounter with Stick as well as his first meeting with Elektra here.

    Daredevil Yellow

    Daredevil: Yellow - Loeb and Sale, The team that brought you The Long Halloween, Hulk: Gray, Spider-Man Blue, Dark Victory. This story retells the early days of Daredevil's career. It covers his time that he wore his original yellow costume. You will witness Daredevil battle the Owl, Electro, and meet his first love, Karen Page, in this retelling.

    Silver Age Daredevil

    Daredevil by Stan Lee - Daredevil #1-50

    Stan Lee is the man who started it all for Daredevil. Here you will witness Daredevil's classic origin story and see Daredevil battle such villains as the Purple Man, The Owl, Stilt Man, Mister Fear, the Jester, and mobsters for the first time. You will also see him battle some characters that have already been introduced, like Electro and Kazar. Meet Daredevil's supporting cast, Frank Nelson and Karen Page, as you will see the building blocks put in place for one of the best characters from Marvel. Written by Stan Lee with art by John Romita Sr, Bill Everett, Jack Kirby, Bill Orlando, Wally Wood, and General Colan.

    Daredevil by Roy Thomas - Darevevil #50-71

    Roy Thomas takes over after Stan Lee leaves the book. During this time the book becomes more political, which makes it dated since it was talking about late 1960s politics. In this run you will see crucial character development for Daredevil and Karen Page, as Daredevil becomes one of the first comic book superheroes to reveal his secret identity to his girlfriend.

    Bronze age Daredevil

    Daredevil by Gerry Conway - Daredevil #72-99

    Gerry Conway was the writer who took Daredevil into the bronze age. In this run, many of the themes became darker to reflect Marvel from the 1970's. There were some new villains introduced, including werewolves for the first time. However, what Conway is the most famous for is pairing Daredevil with Natasha Romanova, the Black Widow. This run also had Daredevil leave New York, to move to San Francisco, where Daredevil again made comic book history when he became the first superhero to live with a woman he wasn't married to. There was also a slight sci-fi theme added to the book during this time.

    Daredevil by Marv Wolfman - Daredevil #125-143

    During Marv Wolfman's run, Daredevil is back in New York. Here you will witness the birth of the man who will become Daredevil's greatest enemy; Bullseye.

    Frank Miller Era

    Daredevil by Frank Miller

    Frank Miller's outstanding run. He starts out just doing the artwork and doesn't start writing until Daredevil #167, which also sees the creation of Elektra. During this run, Daredevil becomes much darker. You will see him start to use guns, and even contemplate killing. You will also witness the birth of the ninja group known as the Hand. The Black Widow will also return during this run, and you will see old foes become friends, as new foes are born. You will also see many more mature themes tackled here, like gun use and drug use. The Punisher will be introduced here as a antagonist to Daredevil, as well as the man who will become Daredevil's greatest for, the Kingpin. This run easily contains Daredevil's most iconic stories and is also a great starting point for people who do not want to read the classics.

    Loves Labor Lost

    Daredevil: Loves Labor Lost - One of the many tragic stories throughout Daredevil's career. Witness the story of Matt Murdock former fiancee, Heather Gram, in this story. Written by Dennis O'Neill and Frank Miller with art by David Mazzucchelli.

    Born Again

    Daredevil: Born Again - When the Kingpin learns the true identity of Daredevil, he does everything in his power to destroy the life of Matt Murdock. See Daredevil fall to his lowest point and fight to survive in this critically acclaimed story. Written by Frank Miller with art by David Mazzucchelli, this is a must own for any comic book fan.

    A Touch of Typhoid

    Daredevil: A Touch of Typhoid - After Daredevil recovers from the events of Born Again, the Kingpin wants to again destroy him. This time he decides to destroy him through his heart. He hires female mercenary, Typhoid Mary, to destroy Matt both mentally and physically. One of Typhoid's personalities, Mary Walker, will seduce Matt Murdock while Typhoid battles Daredevil. Written by Ann Nocenti with art by John Romita Jr.

    Fall of the Kingpin

    Daredevil: Fall of the Kingpin - Years later, Daredevil will finally seek out his revenge on Willson Fisk, The Kingpin. As Daredevil works with Nick Fury and SHIELD, he will attempt to ruin the Kingpin's life. Written by Daniel G. Chichester with art by Lee Weeks.

    Modern Age

    Guardian Devil

    Daredevil: Guardian Devil - Karen Page leaves Matt Murdock. Matt is left in a dark place in his life, when once again his entire life falls apart around him. Everyone he loves will be hurt. Must read for any Daredevil fan with one of the biggest twist endings in comics. Written by by Kevin Smith with art by Joe Quesada.

    Parts of a Hole

    Daredevil: Parts Of A Hole - Witness the birth of fan favorite character, Echo, and her intriguing back story in this critically acclaimed story. Written and Illustrated by David Mack.

    Daredevil by Brian Michael Bendis

    Daredevil: Bendis & Maleev Ultimate Collection Vol. 1-3 - You will witness Daredevil on a more personal level in this run. New characters will be added and Matt's life will once again be forever changed. Bendis highly acclaimed run, Outstanding art by Alex Maleev with gripping story telling.

    Daredevil by Ed Brubaker

    Daredevil Omnibus by Ed Brubaker Vol. 1-2 - This run kicks off with the highly acclaimed Devil in Cell Block D storyline. You will witness new character introduced, like Lady Bullseye and Dakota North. Another outstanding Daredevil run, Like Bendis run you have to read this.

    Daredevil by Mark Waid

    Daredevil by Mark Waid - Waid had a much different take on Daredevil. He takes the book away from its definition as a Noir Crime Thriller and turns up the superhero antics. A less serious and more light heated take on Daredevil. This run received a lot of praise from critics, but received a lot of mixed opinions from long term fans.

    Daredevil by Charles Soule

    Daredevil by Charles Soule - Soule returns Daredevil to his darker roots and uses old fan favorites, like Elektra. You will also witness the birth of a new character, Blindspot, as Daredevil takes on a prodigy for the first time.

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